Ione' Trusted Dog Care

Loving and caring for your pets as you would

Hello and welcome to my website. I’m Ione and I’m a life-long dog lover. I had always wanted to work with dogs but got caught up in the corporate world for far too many years. But in October 2019, I decided to take the plunge and pursue my dream of being surrounded by and working with dogs.

I strongly believe that a house without a dog is just a house rather than a home and, for me, home is where my dog is. I’m passionate about dogs and love getting to know their different personality traits.

I offer a small-scale, friendly and reliable home doggy day care – with my main focus on providing a home-away-from-home environment for those in my care while their owners are at work or otherwise busy.

About me

Since childhood I had always wanted to have my own dog, but for various practical reasons was not able to until the grand age of 35. Since then I’ve had four Labradors that I’ve trained and who have been much-loved pets.

I have a small number of regular clients for dog day care in our home so that the limited number of dogs I’ll have here get to bond well. This will also ensure they get the love and attention that they need. The dogs will have a one hour lunch time walk on Clapham Common – subject to owners’ consent and age and breed of your dog – and also plenty of enrichment activities and fun games for those less active or for young puppies. We are based in Clapham South and have an enclosed garden with patio and lawn area.

My two most recent labradors have worked as Pets as Therapy dogs in local care homes – as I think it’s important to give something back from these amazing animals that give us so much. Please see Links and recommended pet businesses for more information about what it means to work with your dog as a Pets as Therapy team.

Why choose Ione's Trusted Dog Care

Your dog is a valued member of your family and I know you’ll be looking for the best care possible for him or her. At Ione’s you are choosing a lifeline of education and support for you and your pets – I am a caring, compassionate, dedicated and experienced dog owner.

I can offer you the following reassurance:

  • Licensed by Lambeth Council for home boarding and day care – Licence number 23/002.
  • Fully insured.
  • CRB checked.
  • First aid and canine massage trained.
  • Almost 30 years of experience in caring for dogs.
  • Passionate about healthy, happy and well-behaved dogs.
  • Prior to setting up my day care, I was a Pets as Therapy volunteer with our resident Labrador.
  • Extensive knowledge about dog behaviour and training through reading and online courses - including courses run by the Institute of Modern Dog Training.
  • Membership of NARPS UK - The National Association for Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers. Narps is the largest and most respected brand of its kind in the UK, assisting pet businesses, pet owners, government departments, researchers and others to access information about the UK pet industry business sector.
  • Owners can also view a daily video diary and audio commentary on a secure area of this website.

But beyond all that, I’m told that I’m just naturally good with dogs! Why not see for yourselves?