I started my business in January 2020 and was lucky to find some wonderful clients and dogs very quickly and establish a lovely little pack. But then we had a period of lockdown and I reopened in May 2020. Here are some photos of the dogs currently in my care as well as some from the pre-lockdown days. I also have an Instagram account where you can see videos and more photos of the dogs I care for each day.

Hello, pleased to meet you!
Morning greetings my friends
Time for a cooling drink

We've got friends of all sizes here
Post play nap time
Cooling off on a hot day

There's a morning welcome for everyone
Chilling out on the cool mat with our squirrel
Please can I get up there too?

Kisses and licks for my friends
Garden hammock time - strictly for the little ones!
Old friends and new - always lovely!

Mr Squirrel generates lots of interest
Getting to know everyone
Come on, it's walk time

Bath time for muddy puppies
Waiting patiently for the cow's hoof chew
Setting out for our walk

This is absolute torture - I love tennis balls!
Some times we snooze together and share beds
What's that you've got there?

Brockwell Park, plenty of logs for posing on
Exploring the garden in early February
I just love to run

This bed is wonderfully snug for me
I'm quite happy with this bed today
Lap time is also important for some of us (the smaller ones!)