I started my business in January 2020 and was lucky to find some wonderful clients and dogs very quickly and establish a lovely little pack. But then we had a period of lockdown and I reopened in May 2020. Here are some photos of the dogs currently in my care as well as some from the pre-lockdown days. I also have an Instagram account where you can see videos and more photos of the dogs I care for each day.

Hello, pleased to meet you!
Morning greetings my friends
Time for a cooling drink

We've got friends of all sizes here
Post play nap time
Cooling off on a hot day

There's a morning welcome for everyone
Chilling out on the cool mat with Mr Rabbit
Please can I get up there too?

In the doggie bus after our walk
Garden hammock time - strictly for the little ones!
Old friends and new - always lovely!

What did you say my friend?
We are the best of chums
Now I get to share Pickle's bed

Bath time for muddy puppies
Waiting patiently for the cow's hoof chew (or the ball?)
I saw the cat first!

Come on, there's room in the bed for you too
Anything new in the toy box today?
What's that you've got there?

I think today I'll start with Percy Penguin
I just love to run

Down with the dogs!
I don't need a bed, I prefer the chair next to Ione
I'm keeping an eye on everyone