I started my business in January 2020 and was lucky to find some wonderful clients and dogs very quickly and establish a lovely little pack. But then we had a period of lockdown and I reopened in May 2020. Here are some photos of the dogs currently in my care as well as some from the pre-lockdown days. I also have an Instagram account where you can see videos and more photos of the dogs I care for each day.

Pleased to meet you too!
Waiting patiently for a treat
Having a rest and treats

We've got friends of all sizes here
Post play nap time
Cooling off on a hot day

Lap time on garden bench
I want to be up on the bench too please
Chilling out on the cool mat with Mr Rabbit

Waiting for the hunt the sausage
Garden hammock time - strictly for the little ones!
Enjoying the sunshine

What did you say my friend?
We are the best of chums
Now I get to share Pickle's bed

Some of us had to be helped up here
Lovely sunny spot by the toy box
I saw the cat first!

Come on, there's room in the bed for you too
Anything new in the toy box today?
What's that you've got there?

Enjoying my post walk nap
Chilling with my friends
Daxie love!

Down with the dogs!
I don't need a bed, I prefer the chair next to Ione
I'm keeping an eye on everyone