My primary service is day care in our home, and holiday boarding for day care dogs - subject to availability. I only board dogs that come regularly to day care. This is because all of my day care dogs are comfortable in our home - and (more or less) know the house rules!.

Puppy socialisation

I am now also offering puppy socialisation half-day mornings where your dog can come and build his or her confidence with new canine friends and experience time in a home and garden other than your own. This is particularly important for dogs who have not been away from their owners much, or who have separation anxiety. Please note that I don't offer pick up and drop back services for morning socialisation.

Areas covered

I cover the following areas:

  • Clapham
  • Balham
  • Wandsworth

If you are outside of these areas but reasonably close by, please get in touch.


  • Dog day care is £33 for eight hours and for a half day it's £22.
  • Semi-long day up to nine hours £35.
  • Long day care over nine hours £40.
  • Overnight boarding costs £44 per 24-hour period.
  • Pick up and return transport within about 2kms of our home is £4 each way.
  • £50 surcharge for care or boarding on bank holidays

Please get in touch to discuss your dog's needs. References beyond those on my website are available.

Other resources

I may not be able to help with all enquiries, as I’m quite small scale. There is however a great website that lists all fully-licensed day care businesses, giving reassurance to dog parents that their dog will be looked after by qualified people, with all the relevant experience, insurance and knowledge about caring for dogs. They cover a wide range of areas in the UK, as well as dog related businesses, including trainers, behaviourists, groomers, hydrotherapy. The link above is for London day care establishments. Any businesses listed on this site have to provide proof of insurance, their licence to operate and relevant competencies. I would recommend that you check the licence of anyone you contact, as it's quite possible that some of the information could be out of date in terms of applicable licences as establishments close and new ones are added. I hope it may help you, if I can’t.

Good luck!